Supertool For WhatsApp

Smart Chrome Extension For WhatsApp Web
JONI enhances WhatsApp Web with cool features to increase your productivity and save you time on a daily basis
Schedule Messages
Bulk Sender

Advanced bulk sender for personalized messaging with many options like attachments, link preview, delay etc.


JONI Extensions infrastructure enable integration with other systems.
MONI for
PONI for Pipedrive
SONI for Salesforce

Chat Export

Export chats and group chats to Excel file.
Select export range:

  • Last Week
  • Last Month
  • Last Year
  • Chat Start

Chat By Mobile

Open new chats by mobile / phone numbers that have WhatsApp Account. No need to store in your personal contacts.

Personal Web Hook

Integrate your systems with JONI to send WhatsApp messages via web hook POST request. Popular use for site submission / Facebook forms or any of your systems that can trigger Web Hook.

Sticky Notes

Add sticky notes to your chats


Write your messages faster than ever with predefined message templates

Export & Load Contacts

Export any contact, personal contacts and group participants into excel file.
Load contacts / group participants directly or load contacts excel file into Bulk Sender

What We Do

We constantly improve WhatsApp Web productivity to handle both common and advanced use cases while making things as simple as possible with JONI.

We guarantee you'll find at least one feature that will make you smile.

Easy Installation

Easy installation and auto updates get you up and running in no time

Multi Platform Support

JONI works on both Windows & Mac that runs Chrome browser

Multi Device

Use JONI from multiple computers and get your subscription benefits

Time Is Money

Write your messages faster than ever with predefined message templates

Follow up

Create sticky notes for important issues and events related to specific chat / group

Advanced Features

Webhook for outgoing messages
and a first JONI Extension for integration

Why Choose Us

JONI is a smart-simple-fun solution that you can use for both business and personal purpose

Expert Engineers

We build top edge software infrastructures to utilize natural user experience along with a strict privacy policy

Experience Skills

20+ years of software and product experience that makes JONI one of the most extensive yet simple solutions in the market

Free Version

We have several affordable subscription plans on weekly or monthly basis and also a free version that you can try today!

Trusted Work

We respect our users privacy and development requests to make JONI better