Frequently Asked Questions

After you added JONI to Chrome just launch your WhatsApp Web

JONI identify your subscription by the email account that logged into Chrome and collects only statistics data via Google analytics.

Any other data is ignored or processed locally on your machine.

Yes, subscriptions are attached to Chrome logged-in email account.

You can install JONI and get the benefits of your subscription on any computer as long as you logged-in with the same email account.

Every internet connection has an IP address. 

IP addresses can be dynamic and change from time to time.

IP addresses from different location are different. 

For example, if you use JONI from your office and later that day from home, then you connected from at least 2 IP addresses.

Some subscribers use a shared email account so they can get more than one user to use the same subscription.

That is totally fine by us, but to prevent abusive use we decided to limit the number of IP addresses that a subscriber can connect from per day.

Once this limit is reached, connections from a new IP address will get the FREE plan.

This limit is daily and resets at the end of each day.

No, your subscription will be auto-renew via PayPal according to your pricing plan until you cancel it.

To cancel auto-renew anytime, login to the Subscription Info page.

Yes, you can cancel auto-renew anytime after activation. Subscription's benefits will be available to you for the full period you paid for.

To cancel auto-renew anytime, login to the Subscription Info page, 

Yes, we have different levels of tech support according to pricing plan.

Regardless you can always contact us, and we will try to assist.

Please comply to WhatsApp terms of use. Here are some tips for using JONI's Bulk Sender:

  1. Don't be a spammer  JONI isn't made to send messages to people that don't want to get them.
  2. Send Personal Messages  JONI was designed to enable personalized messages. It's highly recommended combining unique data in your message, such as contact name. You can do it easily with JONI.
  3. Although you can send messages via JONI to any mobile number, It's highly recommended sending messages to your contacts that you are also their contact.
pYrogss Ltd is not responsible for the way you use JONI.
Any abusive use may cause your subscription and WhatsApp account to be banned.

Contacts file is excel file of the following structure:

    1. Header Row: That's how JONI lets you to plant any data field from your file into personalized messages
    2. First Column (A): Must contain the mobile numbers with no leading zeros and including country code (Just like WhatsApp)
  • You can also download your personal contacts with JONI and use it.

First of all we'll be happy to have you as our customer.

All JONI's features are available in the free version.
As a subscriber you can send unlimited messages, our brand link is not attached to messages, and technical support according to your pricing plan.

For more details please check our pricing page.