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Subscriptions are auto-renew by default until you cancel it. To cancel auto-renew go to Subscription Info page and login with your activation and admin keys you get after subscribing to your email (please check your spam folder if needed).

Credit card bill description will be PYROGSS.

The subscription's activation key is the PayPal's Profile ID you get after subscribing. You must activate your subscription with it to get your subscription's benefits.

Subscriptions are activated for a single email account that is logged into chrome browser during activation, so you can get your subscription's benefits on any computer as long as you are logged into chrome browser with the same email account.

We offer a FREE plan so you can review all JONI's features before you subscribe, therefore we have a NO REFUNDS policy.

We highly recommend reviewing the FAQ page and follow our user guides before subscribing.

PYROGSS LTD is not responsible for the way you use JONI nor any implications. Please comply with WhatsApp privacy terms of use, If you violate WhatsApp privacy terms of use your WhatsApp account may be banned.

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